Destination Imagination participant testimonials prove that DI changes lives. Since 1999, thousands of BC students have learned the creative process and taken the skills learned in DI into every aspect of their lives.

Matthew B:

“Throughout the 5 years that I have been a member of Destination Imagination, I have changed immensely, and grown beyond measure. It is even helping me to shape my current career goal of becoming an entrepreneur. DI taught me the exact skills I needed to create a team and build a business.”

Anisha C:

“DI has taught me that creativity is an equally important skill to writing, math, and critical thinking. It has helped mould my understanding of what is possible in the world, and how a future in a creative space is realistic. I believe that the world is ever changing, thus, we need versatile solutions that can easily adapt to those changes. DI is the program that has inspired me to understand that we can achieve our goals through creative means.”

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