DI Canada Nationals 2021

Don’t miss your opportunity to participate in the first ever Canada Nationals!

Teams will be able to collaborate with their fellow Canadians in virtual workshops and events leading up to this Inaugural Tournament, and teams will be ranked “In Canada” and “In BC”.

Top teams from BC will be eligible to compete in Global Finals 2021, so grab your team and request your FREE Team Challenge Pack and Number

Tournament Timeline 2021

November 1: Scientific, Technical, Fine Arts, Service Learning and Rising Stars Challenges will be released.
December 1: Engineering and Improv Challenges will be released.
March 5: Instant Challenges for ALL CANADIAN TEAMS will be released on DI’s Global Website.
March 8: Teams will have until March 8 to submit their IC recorded video solution.
March 12: CANADIAN Improv Teams will receive their Improv Prompt.
March 15: CANADIAN Improv Teams will submit their recorded video solution.
March 19: All Other Canadian Teams will submit their recorded video solution.
March 20-29: Appraisers will get to work praising and appraising the submissions.
Recorded Awards Ceremony: Date to be announced.
Workshops and events: Dates to be announced.

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