2023 Provincial Tournament Results

Congratulations to all participants on a fantastic tournament season!

Destination Imagination – doing incredible things together.

From imagination to innovation


Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Improvisational, Engineering, Service Learning Challenges

Learn the Creative Process to solve exciting STEAM Challenges

Project-based educational experience for student teams K to Grade 12

Collaborative, communication and critical thinking skills

Encourage students to be curious, courageous and creative!

Team Challenge Previews

The 2023-24 Destination Imagination season is coming up – start forming your team today so you’re ready!

You Can Create a DI Team

Our STEAM-based Challenges are designed to prepare kids for the future of work by instilling these skills:


STEAM-based challenges that students solve in teams.


Kids blossom developing ideas that build on what they learn in school.


Each student has a voice and space to develop unique abilities and talents.


Team members make all the decisions and even manage the budget.

Meet the 2021 DIBC Graduates

Each year we are fortunate to see a group of students who have been part of DIBC graduate from School. We know that their experience with DI has benefited them throughout their school years and will continue to benefit them in this new phase of their life.

DIBC wishes you every success!

Aili Forest
GP Vanier

Ethan Petty
GP Vanier

Indie Bateman
Walnut Grove Secondary

Miranda Mail
GP Vanier

Nicholas Tarrant
GP Vanier

Our program is inclusive of people, places, and thinking. We welcome students in their different levels of skills and abilities from different economic backgrounds, cultures, no matter their religion and life preferences. We encourage and help them to discover and build their self-confidence and self-esteem.

We live in a society with a lot of cultural diversity and we believe that having the opportunity to be part of that reality is enriching for the day-to-day and the future of our participants. In DI, we celebrate diversity. In our participants, our volunteers, the Team managers, the Destination Imagination around the world.

Destination Imagination is all about connection, collaboration, and creativity.