Rising Stars / Early Learning

Rising Stars!®

Rising Stars is a Destination Imagination Challenge created for early learners. To solve the Challenge, 4- to 7-year-old children work together on performances complete with characters, props and scripts.

The Rising Stars Challenge

  • Encourages creative discovery and teamwork in a fun environment.
  • Aligns with any budget affordably, and can easily be started or incorporated into school, day care or other programs.
  • Teaches basic story development and script writing, as well as simple building and construction. Encourages performing in front of an audience.
  • Is non-competitive, but offers a tournament showcase opportunity.

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Pathways to Early Learning!

STEAM-based learning can help children develop critical and creative thinking, analysis, reasoning, and design skills and can also enhance later interest in STEM careers.

Our STEM & Literacy for Early Learners (Pathways) resource is designed to prepare 3- to 6-year-olds with a jump start in literacy and STEM concepts as well as engaging their interest in the arts. It includes 18 chapters complete with fun and engaging activities that are perfect for the classroom and at home.

Pathways is beneficial to parents, teachers and students:

Pathways helps kids learn the creative process from imagination to innovation through inquiry-guided learning, helping even the youngest students deal with new material or equipment.

  • Kids experience the satisfaction that can come from overcoming obstacles and setbacks and solving problems.
  • Parent involvement is encouraged not only with the take-home activities, but a variety of other initiatives as well.
  • Pathways is designed to assist teachers and parents in teaching STEM and literacy concepts to very young learners.