Video Submissions

Every year, Destination Imagination organizes Academic Tournaments where students from all over the world showcase their solutions to Team Challenges rooted in STEAM.

In British Columbia, every year we organize Regional Tournaments and a major Provincial Tournament to gather the teams from every Region.

This year, as Covid 19 prevented us from physically getting together, the Canadian Affiliates decided to keep with the true spirit of DI and find a solution. For the first time, we decided to organize a Pan Canadian tournament, including students from different provinces of Canada in a Canadian National Virtual Tournament. The tournament has brought 62 teams from 4 provinces, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia together to compete and share in the DI experience.

To learn more about each challenge and to see the video submissions, pick a challenge below!

In this Challenge, the teams were asked to create a Video Presentation that explores architecture as art and showcases a team-created example of how art and architecture can work together.

The team members have researched and chosen one Visual Art Style and one Architecture Style from a provided list. Then they used this research to design and create a three-dimensional physical model of a building. This model must incorporate 2 Purpose Features that were chosen by the team, as well as 4 Style Features that were inspired by the team’s chosen Visual Art or Architecture Style. The teams will use Split Screen during the Video Presentation to tell a story about how opposites can be complementary. The teams must integrate the model of a building and one Planning Artifact into the Video Presentation

In this Challenge, the teams were asked to create an original Music video inspired by a team-chosen piece of Literature.

The teams also created costumes and researched production techniques to make their Music Video truly epic!

In this Challenge, the teams were asked to create a Video Presentation that tells a story about a Detective and a Sidekick who team up to solve a Mystery using a Forensic Technique.

To make things more interesting, they must also include a True Clue and Red Herring which must be incorporated into the story.

These students, from preschool to grade 2, participate in a non-competitive challenge. This year’s challenge sparked the question: have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a spider is like? How about a squirrel or a chicken? Teams were asked to research different kinds of critters and choose one.

The team’s critter is going on a big adventure! Where will it go and what will it do? Teams were also asked to create a picture book to tell the story of your critter’s big adventure. Present the picture book in the Video Presentation including showing off the teams amazing artwork! Visual special effect was also included to make the story memorable. Every adventure needs music so teams were asked to Include a special song that helps to tell your story.

Scientific laws are unbreakable, but what would happen if they could be broken? In this Challenge, the teams were asked to create and present a story about a Scientific Law that is bent and/or broken. The teams will demonstrate how the Scientific Law normally works and then use Technical Methods to show how the Scientific Law is bent and/or broken.

The teams will portray a Witness who sees and reacts to the Scientific Law being bent and/or broken. An Expert, who has great knowledge of the Scientific Law, will share their knowledge. The story will be told through a Video Presentation in the style of a Documentary Film that utilizes two Documentary Techniques.

In this Challenge, the teams were asked to identify a community need and then plan and carry out a Project that addresses that community need.

After completing the Project, the teams created a Video Presentation that includes a Podcast, a Commercial Break, an Outrageous Claim, and a Quirky Character.

This year, the teams were asked to create a Video Presentation in the style of a Video Game, starring an Adventurer with a Special Ability.

The Adventurer will go on a quest to attain an Ultimate Prize. In addition, 3 separate Quest Items will be revealed. The Quest Items will be used to create a Tool that will help the Adventurer on their quest.