BC Original Minds Association – Destination Imagination BC Scholarships 

Every year we are pleased to offer three scholarships to British Columbia students who have participated in Destination Imagination Team Challenge.  Please review the following terms of reference for the scholarships.

Terms of Reference for Destination Imagination participants to apply for one of three scholarships awarded at the annual Provincial Tournament.  The scholarships are for students who have participated in the Destination Imagination Team Challenge and have demonstrated growth through the commitment to the ideals of Destination Imagination.


  1. Applicant must be in Grade 12 and eligible to graduate (within the year of application) from any secondary school in BC.
  2. Applicant must have a satisfactory Grade Point Average.
  3. Applicant must have the intention to pursue post-secondary education and/or training: proof of registration (full-time) in a post-secondary institution or training school (a “qualified school under the Canadian Income Tax Act”) will be required before any money is disbursed to the student’s credit at the school.
  4. Applicants must be (or have been) registered as a team member for a Destination Imagination Team Challenge and have competed in at least one tournament.
  5. Individual achievement(s) will be taken into consideration including, but not limited to arts, athletics, academics, community service.
  6. The successful applicant must provide proof of full-time registration within the second year after the awarding of the scholarship.

Nomination Process:

The BC Original Minds Association will appoint a Scholarship Committee to review all applications and select recipients.  All information will be held in confidence by the committee.

Scholarship Amounts and Recipient Recognition:

Three (3) scholarships will be awarded by BC Original Minds Association each year.

Deadline for Applications:

June 30, 2024

Scholarship Eligibility

Scholarship Enrollment Verification Form

Scholarship Application

Please email Maryam Labani at affiliatedirector@destinationimagination.ca with your completed application forms.

Meet the 2023 DIBC Scholarship Award Recipients

Each year we are fortunate to see a group of students who have been part of DIBC graduate from School. We know that their experience with DI has benefited them throughout their school years and will continue to benefit them in this new phase of their life.

DIBC wishes you every success!

Shiren Djorgee
White Rock Christian Academy

Kelly Wong
West Point Grey Academy

Rachel Zheng
West Point Grey Academy

Meet the 2021 DIBC Graduates

Aili Forest
GP Vanier

Ethan Petty
GP Vanier

Indie Bateman
Walnut Grove Secondary

Miranda Mail
GP Vanier

Nicholas Tarrant
GP Vanier

Meet the 2020 Destination Imagination BC Scholarship Award Recipient!

Ally Boyd has been on a DI team every year since she was in grade 2. She’s been part of Destination Imagination BC for the past 11 years, attempting almost every category of team challenge.

For the past few years, she’s helped coaching younger kids and this year she’s been a Team Manager for Improv. Ally has had a very active volunteer life aside attending school. She’s been on the Powell River City Youth Council, she was part of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Girl Guides of Canada, BC Youth Parliament, and other volunteer efforts.

Ally graduated from Brook Secondary, in Powell River, BC, and plans to become an international ESL teacher with focus on outdoor education. She will be attending Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Kate Boyd, Ally’s mom, is an educator in Powell River and a long time DI Team Manager. Every member from the Boyd’s family is very involved in different ways with DI.

“DI has taught me so many skills and techniques over the years and opened my mind to the possibilities. I’ve worked on teamwork, public speaking and acting skills, as well as research and using my imagination to its full potential. I’ve learned to compromise and find a way to make everyone’s ideas fit. I’ve learned that everyone has a strength to share and the challenge is in finding them all”.

Ally Boyd

2020 Destination Imagination BC Scholarship Recipient