Team Manager hints and tips from our recent training sessions.  Check out these key hints:

  • You are the Challenge Expert for your team. Review the Challenge with your team and highlight key words MUST, WILL, MAY to help your team understand the requirements.
  • Interference:  Only team members may contribute ideas and create the Team Challenge and Team Choice Element solutions. Please read pages 13 – 16 in the Rules of the Road to understand that you may help your team members learn skills (eg. sewing, sawing wood, using glues safely, etc.) and to help the team understand the chosen Challenge and Rules.
  • Team Choice Elements often cause confusion for some teams.  Please refer to pages 11 and 12 in the Rules of the Road to get details about what constitutes team choice elements and how these are scored at tournaments.
  • Clarifications: You may ask the International Challenge Masters up to 10 clarification questions about your team’s proposed solution and receive private answers to your questions.  Sometimes issues may arise from the questions sent in by teams which results in a published clarification.  As a team manager you must visit the on a regular basis to see if there are any clarifications that may affect your team’s Challenge.
  • Please click on any of these resources below for more valuable hints and tips for team managers!
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  • 2016-tm-training-cm
  • the_roles_of_a_team_manager_-_final


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